A home for Horses, and you 

Being and avid endurance rider and having a passion for the horse community, Sonya has come to specialize in finding homes for your horse needs and lifestyle. 

The Central Oregon climate is perfect for horses to thrive as is particularly dry. Our winters are short, and not too cold, and the rest of the seasons aren't too severe.  This moderate climate ensures your can ride all year long.

Some of the best hay in the United State in grown in Central Oregon and is readily available throughout the year.  You'll also find the horse community to be extensive and filled with a great repertoire of equine vets, specialists, trainers, and riding groups.

Oregon Equestrian Trails; a non profit organization whose members are dedicated to designing, building, promoting, preserving, and maintaining horse camps and trails in Oregon.

Rim Rock Riders; a family focused equestrian group located next to Brasada Ranch in Alfalfa. It has a 29-acre facility with a 131' x 244' indoor arena and a similarly sized outdoor arena. Members pride themselves on promoting a supportive and fun atmosphere aimed at both experienced and novice riders, and all types of horses.

Pacific Northwest Endurance Riders; a non profit corporation organized exclusively for educational purposes to promote equestrian endurance events with in the Pacific Northwest, provide for the recording and publication of scientific data relating to the condition and performance of horses during recognized events, to encourage the recreational use of trails on the public lands in the Pacific Northwest region, and to disseminate historical information relating to trails.

Redmond Vet Clinic

​Curt Nitschelm 

Shawn Clark


Local vet clinic that specializes in all aspects of veterinary for small and large animals. Well animal care, disease prevention, therapeutic care, surgery, and home visits. 

Juniper Country Vet Services
Rachel Oxley


Mobile clinic that specializes in Equine, Camelids/Llams, chiropractic, companion animals, dentistry for companion animals and equine, Sheep and Goats. 

​"Sonya was recommended by an equestrian friend and has more than met our expectations in finding the right horse property for us. She is professional, adept, proficient, and genuinely interested in fulfilling our real-estate needs. Further, her extensive experience has
​proven invaluable in both her knowledge of the Central Oregon area and in her extensive search for the property to suit our needs. We certainly recommend Sonya to anyone needing a skilled, qualified  realtor."
~ Sue Turner & Bob Sizoo

Sonya riding Thomas Horn (he was 30 yrs old at the time)  on Oregon 100 Endurance Ride September 2012.